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You deserve a low rate and a low monthly student loan payment while you complete your residency or fellowship. Refinance medical school loans and pay only $100 per month during training and for six months afterward 3

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  • Rates start at 5.81% variable APR
  • Checking rates will not impact your credit score1
  • No refinancing fees or pre-payment penalties

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Just graduated and was looking around at different lenders to refinance. Splash had the best rates by far and actually cut my rate in half! Great customer service as well, very responsive and very helpful

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cole lagasse

December 01, 2022

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Experience was so easy and seamless. Recommend 10/10. Best rates as well.

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katherine cincotta

November 30, 2022

Quick communication and provided me…

Quick communication and provided me with everything I needed to know. Very easy process for what could have been stressful.

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stan b

November 30, 2022


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Our Low Medical School Rates

To help in these unprecedented times, we worked with our lending partners to drop rates to lows. Refinance to a low rate today and see how much you could save.2

Compare rates and choose a student loan repayment program that works for you

Splash Financial partners with banks, credit unions and other lending partners to bring you market-leading rates and loan consolidation perks such as:

  • Low Rates

    Medical student loan refinancing variable rates start at 5.81% APR and fixed rates start at 5.90% APR. Rates offered will depend on a variety of factors and applicants must meet lender underwriting requirements. Not all applicants will qualify for the lowest rates advertised.

  • Easy Application Process

    Our seamless online experience takes the hassle out of refinancing your medical school debt.

  • Zero Fees

    No application fees, no origination fees, and no prepayment penalties.

Refinance your student loans in 3 easy steps

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1. Easy process to check rates

Fill out a simple form that only takes a few minutes to see if you qualify. We’ll use that information to check for offers with our lending partners. No need for a hard credit score inquiry.

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2. Submit your application

If you qualify and select an offer from our network of lending partners, submit your application.

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3. Finalize your loan

Make your life easier with one lender instead of several. Enjoy more savings2 with your new rate and single monthly payment. This could help simplify your loan repayment and help you reach your financial goals.

Medical Student Loan Refinancing FAQ

Can I refinance student loans while still in medical school?

No. Medical student refinance loans are available only to borrowers who are currently in a residency or fellowship program.

How soon should I refinance my student loans after med school?

This depends on the type of loans you have. If you took out any federal student loans, you may qualify for certain student loan forgiveness programs as a doctor. However, because only federal loans qualify for these programs, you may not be able to take advantage of them if you refinance too early.
However, if you have private student loans, you can explore your student loan refinance options as soon as you start your residency or fellowship program. Refinancing your loans early could help you shorten your loan term and/or potentially lower your monthly payment. Learn more about the benefits of refinancing your medical school loans during residency.

Do I qualify for student loan forgiveness as a med school student?

If you have any federal student loans, you may be eligible for certain student loan forgiveness programs.  As a healthcare professional and U.S. citizen, you could potentially meet the eligibility requirements for the Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) Program.

This program was made to help healthcare and nonprofit workers manage their student loan debt. If you qualify, the government can forgive your federal loans after making 120 or more qualifying payments, no matter what your total loan balance is.

Additionally, you may qualify for income-based repayment as a medical resident or attending physician.

How much of my student loan for medical school can I refinance?

While each of our lenders have their own loan amount requirements, most of our lenders have a minimum loan amount of $5,000 and no set maximum.

What is the difference between fixed vs. variable rates?

A fixed rate loan means that your interest rate will not change throughout the course of your repayment term. Fixed-rate loans allow the borrower to accurately predict their future payment amounts.

A variable interest rate means that your interest rate can fluctuate throughout the life of your loan.  Variable rate loans typically change based on a reference rate.

Does Splash Financial offer autopay discounts on med school loans?

Some of Splash Financial’s lending partners do offer an autopay discount on refinanced medical school loans. However, this rate discount differs between individual lenders.

If you choose a lender offering autopay discounts, you may be able to sign up for automatic payments after accepting your refinance offer.

Do Parent Plus loans qualify for medical school loan refinancing?

Yes. Parent Plus loans qualify for med school loan refinancing.

What is the difference between forbearance and deferment for student loans?

Forbearance and deferment are similar in that they both allow you to temporarily postpone or reduce your federal student loan payments. The key difference is if you are in deferment, no interest will accrue to your loan balance on a subsidized loan. If you are in forbearance, interest will continue to accrue on your loan balance.