Our Mission

Make people more powerful than their debt.

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We got tired of seeing our friends and family struggle under the crushing weight of debt. So in 2013, we did something about it.

We built a marketplace filled with banks and credit unions looking to help people refinance their student loans. We used that network to bring people great rates. And we did it all from a tiny office in Cleveland, OH.

In other words: we started Splash Financial.

Since then, we’ve become a national leader in student loan refinancing. We’ve opened over 100,000 accounts, and handled over $6 billion in refinancing requests. Plus, we’ve successfully launched personal loans, with the same commitment of service to our customers.

At the end of the day, we’re still that little company from Cleveland with a big dream: to make people more powerful than their debt.


We’re here to make loan stuff way less complicated. From student loan refinancing to personal loans, we’ll help you get your debt together — entirely online, and way faster than you think.

How? Through the power of automated underwriting. It’s a unique hybrid marketplace model that connects you with our lending partners across the country – including small banks and credit unions you might otherwise miss.

We’re putting cutting edge technology in your hands. (Don’t drop it.)

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Steven Muszynski

Steven Muszynski

Founder and CEO

Patrick Leimkuehler

Patrick Leimkuehler

Chief Operating Officer

Tej Brar

Tej Brar

Chief Technology and Product Officer

Dan Chang

Dan Chang

General Counsel & Chief Compliance Officer

Arnold Pravinata

Arnold Pravinata

Chief Data Science & Credit Officer


Our Investors

Northwester Mutual
CMFG Venture
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