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Give It Your All. But Not on Your Student Loans.

Refinance and pay only $100/month1 during your residency or fellowship.

Rates Starting at 2.41% APR

Checking Your Rates Will NOT Affect Your Credit Score 2

Welcome to Splash Financial

You deserve a low rate and a low payment while you complete your residency or fellowship.
Refinance your medical student loans and pay only $100 per month 1 during training + six more months.

Our leading technology lets you find your new, lower interest rate in under 3 minutes. What do you have to lose?


Resident Rates As Low As:

2.41 %APR


3.76 %APR


Not only did refinancing with Splash save me money, but they saved me time. Before Splash, I had 12 loans with the government that were tough to manage. Now I only have 1 loan, and I know who to call to get answers.


Why Refinance Your Medical School Student Loans?

Lower Rates

A lower rate means that you will accrue less interest, saving you thousands1 over the life of the loan.

One Lender, One Payment

Make your life easier with one monthly payment to one lender.

Easy to Apply

Checking your rates has no effect on your credit score2, and takes as little as 3 minutes.

It's Quick & Easy to Refinance!

Get Your Rate Estimate

Calculating your new low rate will not affect your credit score.2

Submit Your Application

Secure your new rate by submitting your application.

Initiate Your Loan

Make your life easier with one lender instead of several.

Save Time & Money

Enjoy more savings with your new rate and one monthly payment.


Why Refinance Your Medical School Student Loans With Splash?

Splash Financial loans are funded by banks and credit unions to ensure market leading rates. This allows Splash Financial to offer amazing benefits such as:

Market Leading Rates

Variable rates start at 2.41% APR and Fixed rates start at 3.76% APR.

95% Customer Satisfaction

95% of Splash Financial borrowers are satisfied with their new rate.*

Cutting-Edge Technology

Our seamless online experience takes the hassle out of refinancing.

Customer Service

Real people means real concierge service to help you every step of the way.

See What Our Customers Have To Say

Once you provide all of your information, the process continues to go smoothly, and the customer service reps were super helpful with answering any questions along the way. Thank you!

Splash was very helpful and all their staff had all the answers to my questions. They were friendly and professional and made the entire process very streamlined.

This was an easy to use application process and I am so happy with the result. I've reduced my stress and feel like I'm finally able to take charge!

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