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Consolidate what you owe with a personal loan, then make one easy payment a month.

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Personal loans from $1,000 to $100,000

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Checking rates won’t impact your credit1

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Funding in as little as one business day$

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Splash's Personal Loan Rates

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Personal Loans Or Credit Cards

Which is right for you?

Personal loans

Credit cards

smiley faceKnow exactly when your debt will be paid off.
frowny faceRevolving debt that could last a lifetime.
dollar signGet a lump sum of cash, then spend it how you need to.
credit cardLimited to credit card maximums that may not meet your immediate needs.
calendar positiveConsistent monthly payments that you can easily budget for.
calendar negativeVariable monthly payments that are difficult to budget for.
arrow downLower interest rates (on average) that could be more favorable than credit card rewards.2
arrow upHigher interest rates (on average) that could offset rewards.2
thumbs upNo promotional fine print to catch you off guard.
thumbs downPromotional gimmicks with lengthy terms and conditions (if you miss a payment, they go away).
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Consolidate, And PUT YOUR Debt in its place.

You deserve options. (Duh.) So we built a network of lenders to shop and compare rates.

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Roll all your debts into one single payment a month

Pay off your old loans with a personal one. Then make one payment, once a month.

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Loans from $1K to $100K

If approved, you could get funded in as little as one business day$.

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We won't sell your data

Your sensitive information stays between us.

It's literally this Easy


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Answer some questions, then browse the offers you qualify for across our network of lenders.

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Select an offer, then apply. We’ll guide you every step of the way.

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Get funded

If approved, you’ll receive funding in as little as one business day$. Then…celebrate!

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