Welcome friends of Dave Ramsey

The smarter way to refinance your student loans.

  • Rates start at 1.88% variable APR
  • Checking rates will not affect your credit score1
  • No refinancing fees or pre-payment penalties
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Welcome friends of Dave Ramsey

Whether you’re new to the debt snowball or a total pro, a lower interest rate from Splash may help you get out of debt faster or save money over the life of your loan. Our mission aligns with Dave’s principles – to save people money on their student loans.

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Today's low rates

To help in these unprecedented times, we worked with our lending partners to drop rates to lows. Refinance to a low rate today and you could save.2

Why refinance your student loans through Splash?

Splash partners with banks, credit unions and other lending partners to bring you market-leading rates and benefits such as:

  • Low Rates

    Variable rates start at 1.88% APR and Fixed rates start at 2.49% APR.

  • Easy Application Process

    Our seamless online experience takes the hassle out of refinancing.

  • Zero Fees

    No application fees, no origination fees, and no pre-payment penalties.

It’s quick and easy to refinance