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  • Variable rates from 1.74-8.70% APR on certain terms
  • Fixed rates from 1.99-8.63% APR on certain terms
  • Checking rates will not impact your credit score1
  • No refinancing fees or pre-payment penalties

Quick and great rate

Quick and great rate

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May 15, 2022

Extremely easy process

Extremely easy process, customer service was very helpful. Quick approval and constant updates on approval process.

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May 11, 2022

Felt cared for all around

Really clear walkthrough of all the steps & fantastic customer service!

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May 10, 2022


TrustPilot star rating - 5

Check Today’s low rates

To help in these unprecedented times, we worked with our lending partners to drop rates to lows on certain terms. Refinance to a low rate today and see how much you could save.2

Note: Eligibility is determined by your credit history, current loan balances, employment status, and more. Splash does not guarantee that you will receive any loan offers or that your loan application will be approved. Lowest rate available only on certain terms.

Compare rates and choose what works for you

Splash partners with banks, credit unions and other lending partners to bring you market-leading rates and benefits such as:

  • Low Rates

    Student loan refinancing variable rates start at 1.74% APR and fixed rates start at 1.99% APR on certain terms.

  • Easy Application Process

    Our seamless online experience takes the hassle out of refinancing.

  • Zero Fees

    No application fees, no origination fees, and no pre-payment penalties.

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Refinance your student loans in 3 easy steps

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Easy process to check rates

Fill out a simple form that only takes a few minutes. We’ll use that information to check for offers with our lending partners.

Success screen for choosing a rate

Submit your application

After you’ve selected an offer from our network of lending partners, secure your new rate by submitting your application.

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Finalize your loan

Make your life easier with one lender instead of several. Enjoy more savings2 with your new rate and one monthly payment.