How do I know if I’m eligible to apply for a loan with Splash Financial?

U.S. citizens are eligible to refinance their student loans through Splash as solo borrowers. Some lending partners also accept borrowers who are permanent residents.

Graduates with four-year degrees from Title IV accredited institutions, as well as professionals with an associate degree, are eligible to refinance. Parents are eligible to refinance two kinds of loans, as long as the child earned their degree: 1) educational loans taken out under their own name to finance their child’s education and 2) their child’s educational loans.

Applicants who are pursuing an associate degree are eligible if they are in the final term of their program at a Title IV eligible school, have an offer of employment in the same field in which they will receive the associate degree, and if the associate degree is in one of the following: Cardiovascular Technologist (CVT); Dental Hygiene; Diagnostic Medical Sonography; EMT/Paramedics; Nuclear Technician; Nursing; Occupational Therapy Assistant; Pharmacy Technician; Physical Therapy Assistant; Radiation Therapy; Radiologic/MRI Technologist; Respiratory Therapy; or Surgical Technologist.

What do I do once I know I’m eligible?

Checking your rate is easy and takes under two minutes! To get started, click on Get My Rate. We’ll ask you to enter some basic information, such as your monthly income and refinancing amount, and we’ll pull in the rates you qualify for based on the criteria of all our lending partners.

What loans can I include in my refinancing?

You can refinance federal, private, and Parent PLUS student loans through Splash. When you refinance, you can consolidate all your loans into one loan with one monthly payment. Certain lending partners may also allow you to refinance your loans together with your spouse’s loans. If you have questions about consolidating your loans, you can give us a call at 1-800-349-3938.

How much can I borrow?

Our lenders each have their own minimum and maximum loan amounts. In general, the minimum loan amount is $5,000, and there is no maximum.

If I refinanced already, can I refinance again?

Yes! There is no limit to the number of times you can refinance your student loans.