Getting My Rate Estimate

Where can I find my rates?

It’s easy to check your rate and see offer(s) that you’re pre-qualified for!

Our goal is to be as transparent as possible when giving your rates. That’s why all of this information is available to you prior to completing your application. Checking your rate does not impact your credit score. Check your rate in less than two minutes!

What information is considered when determining my rates?

Your rate estimate is based on the information you provide and the info we get back from your soft credit inquiry, as well as the specific criteria of our lending partners.

Note: The soft credit pull has no effect on your credit score!

How long are my pre-qualified rates good for?

Your rates may update at any time during pre-qualification, as rates are not locked in until after you submit your application. Our lending partners are always striving to offer the best rates, so you can check your rates as frequently as you like!

During pre-qualification, Splash presents rates to you that are estimated based on the preliminary information you enter and the criteria of our lending partners.

I didn’t receive any pre-qualified rates. What are my options?

Splash partners with multiple lenders in order to help as many borrowers as possible refinance their student loans. Unfortunately, sometimes we can’t match a borrower to pre-qualified rates because they fall outside all our lending partners’ criteria.

Can I refinance loans for two borrowers into one loan?

Typically, yes. Married couples, parents and people in other unique situations can refinance their loans into one loan. For example, if you are completing an application as a married couple, please designate the spouse with the highest degree as the borrower and add the other as a cosigner. To discuss options with one of our representatives, give us a call at (800) 349-3938.