About Splash Financial

Who is Splash Financial?

Splash Financial is your student loan refinance destination, designed to help you save money on student loans. Our innovative technology gives you quick access to a best-in-class network of lenders, so you can get great rates, and achieve your financial goals.

At Splash Financial, our mission is simple: to help people save money on their student loans.

What does Splash Financial do?

Splash partners with banks, credit unions, and other lenders to bring you market-leading rates. In fact, many of the rates you’ll find on Splash aren’t available anywhere else. This allows us to offer amazing benefits such as:

Low Rates: Splash partners with banks, credit unions, and other lenders to bring you market-leading rates.

Easy Application Process: Our seamless online experience takes the hassle out of refinancing.

Zero Fees: No application fees, no origination fees, and no prepayment penalties.

How does Splash Financial work?

The process of refinancing with Splash is designed to be quick, easy and save you money:

  1. Get your rate estimate by checking out our Get My Rate page
  2. Submit your application and secure your new rate
  3. Finalize your loan by choosing the term that works best for your situation
  4. Start saving time and money by having one new rate and only one monthly payment.

Is Splash Financial legit and secure?

Yes! We have helped people all over the country save money on their student loans. You can read about it in the glowing reviews from verified Splash customers! Our website also has SSL verification, which is the highest standard of identity assurance. This verification establishes a secure connection between your browser and our website. More importantly, SSL encryption protects any sensitive data you provide.

Why should I refinance through Splash Financial?

Splash provides the lowest rates, with no fees, providing people around the country the opportunity to save thousands on their student loans and get one step closer to financial freedom.

Splash knows that each situation is unique – people have different needs, wants and goals. We help people to find a plan that matches their financial goals.

Splash wants to empower people with the financial tools, educational and informational resources to feel confident in their financial decisions.

Does Splash refinance student loans for medical and dental residents?

Yes, Splash offers medical and dental residents the ability to refinance student debt and pay only $100 per month while they are in residency and up to 6 months after their residency and fellowships. Total loan term including residency, fellowship and 6-month grace period must not exceed 20 years. The deferment period for residency, fellowship, and grace period must be approved and disclosed at the time of application – you will not be able to extend the term of the loan after it is disbursed.