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Best rates out there

Just graduated and was looking around at different lenders to refinance. Splash had the best rates by far and actually cut my rate in half! Great customer service as well, very responsive and very helpful

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cole lagasse

December 01, 2022

Easy, quick & best rates

Experience was so easy and seamless. Recommend 10/10. Best rates as well.

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katherine cincotta

November 30, 2022

Quick communication and provided me…

Quick communication and provided me with everything I needed to know. Very easy process for what could have been stressful.

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stan b

November 30, 2022


TrustPilot star rating - 5

Today’s debt consolidation loan rates

Checking your rate to see if you pre-qualify is fast, free, and won’t impact your credit1. See how much money you can save.

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Fast and easy debt consolidation process.

Splash partners with banks, credit unions and other lending partners to bring you competitive rates. Getting a debt consolidation loan through Splash allows you to:

  • Compare rates and save time

    Our marketplace lets you see rates from multiple lenders and pick the loan that works best for you.

  • Choose your amount

    Decide which dollar amount you need, apply, and get approved without affecting your credit score.

  • Enjoy a single monthly payment

    Make things easy with one, affordable monthly payment and use your funds however you choose.

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1. Easy process to check rates

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2. Submit your application

After you’ve selected an offer, easily complete your application online.

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3. Finalize your loan

Make your life easy with one monthly payment and use funds as needed.

Debt Consolidation Loans FAQ

What is the smartest way to consolidate credit card debt?

Many people have found that refinancing to a lower rate can save you a lot of money in the long run. One certain way to help you pay less interest is to apply for a debt consolidation loan which has a lower interest rate than the credit card you are currently paying. Splash makes debt consolidation loans frictionless, and you can get the money you need and start saving today.

Is consolidating debt a good idea?

It depends on your current financial situation. If you have numerous amounts of debt with high interest rates from different credit card companies, it is probable a debt consolidation loan can help reduce the number of payments each month to a single transaction. When you apply, Splash’s network of lenders will attempt to find you a lower interest rate.